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Voice disorders are known as 'Dysphonia.' This is when the voice changes the quality and becomes strained, rough, breathy and/or croaky. It can also be when there is difficulty sustaining a voice for long periods or when the voice is lost altogether. Voice disorders may indicate voice misuse or voice issues with the structure of the voice box, such as the presence of vocal nodules. 

Some of the common causes of voice disorders in children are: 

  • poor vocal behaviours that include frequent shouting, grunting, growling and whispering 

  • overuse of the voice, which is persistent talking and/or singing

  • frequently coughing and throat clearing 

  • some medications 

  • allergies 

A Speech-Language Pathologist can help with: 

  • abnormal loudness

  • loss of voice 

  • weak voice 

  • hoarse/ rough voice 

  • excessive throat tension/tenderness

  • abnormal pitch

  • running out of breath quickly 

  • increased vocal effort

  • chronic cough affecting the voice

vancouver child with voice difficulties speech therapy
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