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Do I need a doctor's referral for speech therapy?

No, a doctor’s referral is not necessary. Anyone with concerns about their child’s speech or language development can refer for speech therapy services.

Can I use my extended health benefit for speech therapy?

Yes, various extended health plans include speech therapy as a benefit. Growing Wonders Speech Therapy cannot direct bill your insurance company, but you can submit your invoice for reimbursement. Every plan is different, so please check with your insurance provider for your coverage details.

Are there funding sources I can access for speech therapy services?

Yes, there are several programs and funding sources that you may be eligible for. Please check out the Funding page.

How long is each therapy session?

Therapy sessions can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. This generally depends on the clients' age, attention level, and current needs.

Do you consult with other professionals working with my child?

Yes, I believe in a collaborative approach and coordinating with other professionals that are supporting the child. I am happy to provide consultation by email, phone or video session and attend team meetings when needed.

Do you provide home-based therapy?

Yes! Home-based therapy is available. Please note that there is a travel fee.

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